Anne-Marie has been actively producing and selling her creations in the Stained Glass medium for almost twenty years and her work can be found in many locations around the globe.

In the past five years she has created and installed several large contemporary windows in local establishments and homes. Anne-Marie will meet with clients interested in commissioning a window and come up with a plan in terms of colour, texture, and style to suit your home or business. The finished piece will be installed directly over your existing window. If your home is of a more classic style then something in the Frank Lloyd Wright feel might work, or if very modern, then a window with a more industrial look may be the answer. The possibilities are endless!  Clear textured glass is her personal favorite with a touch of colour sometimes to make it pop!

Anne-Marie’s new passion is in the Fused Glass medium. She has taken part in a few basic courses locally and purchased a kiln and all the necessary tools to begin the exploration a few years ago. Anne-Marie quickly got bored and wanted to learn how to create a more advanced and artistically pleasing product. A winter in Florida provided the answer to her wish!  She had the good fortune to be accepted into a 5 Day Intensive workshop with a world renowned fused glass artist after wandering into her studio one rainy day.



The winter was then spent in the artist’s studio learning all she could in this new medium. The list of possibilities in fused glass include jewelry, wall art installations, Sushi sets, frames, mirrors, lamps, trays, artistic display pieces, bowls and pretty much anything that your imagination can envision and Anne-Marie is creating even in her sleep these days!